Black Fire is a fictitious Unicorn, created by Whiplash96.


Unlike to his look, he's actually more of a compassionate and friendly pony, although the music he makes says otherwise.
Black Fire

Black Fire, Unicorn

He often has to (verbally) "fight" with other ponies, because they think he's evil and satanic.

His music is very important to Black Fire, but friends come first.

Uses of MagicEdit

Black Fire primary uses his Magic to play e-guitar, but also for common activities. He likes to learn new magical tricks, but he has difficulties with the harder spells. But, as he always says, "If you train it hard, you can one day do it!". This probably refers to learning to play an instrument.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

Black Fire has always been a loud pony. He liked to talk infront of big audiences and soon learned a spell to temporarily replace his front hooves with hands.

As he got an electric guitar from his parents, he immdiately started to learn how to play it. As he had his first concert as the rythm guitarist of a classic band, he earned his cutie mark.

After the big success at this concert, he founded a band. They call themselves "Dark Deception".

The Cutie Mark shows a black electric guitar, after that he got a guitar that exactly looks like it.


Of course, the Band-members of Dark Deception are good friends, but they aren't his only friends. Hi-Hat is his best friend, they spend a lot of time together. And he is often arguing with the bassist.

Rarity and Black Fire are pretty good friends, probably because Black Fire's hair is very important to him. They share spells and he sometimes looks after Sweetie Belle if Rarity has to leave because of her work.