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Cloud Sunlight is a fanmade Alicorn created by S67tro.

Personality Edit

He is a very nice and friendly pony. He loves to swim and have fun. He may be a little shy when he meets someone new but after knowing that person he can talk alot. He is very loyal to his friends. He hides his cutie mark from other ponies, until he has a lot of trust to let them know it.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

He used to live in the dark side of Ponyville, where all of his family had night-related cutie marks. His old name was Black Star, but he didn't liked it. His parents never let him go to the other side of Ponyville, they were scared he may have a day-related cutie mark. Cloud didnt feel like that was his place, so one night he escaped and went to the other side. He flew across Ponyville until the sun started to appear. It was the first time he saw it and his eyes shined when he saw that big yellow star. He saw how everypony and other animals there wake up and started their day, he really liked it. That's when a cloud hit him and he grabbed it, he didn't knew he could change the climate. He then put the cloud next to the sun and made a nice day for everpony there. As everypony looked up and asked who he was he anwsered his name was Cloud Sunlight. He then landed and he noticed he had a cutie mark, a sun and a cloud next to it. He felt really happy and ran back to his home but soon realized his parents and family would be angry at him for having a day-related cutie mark so he decided to hide it so nopony would know about his cutie mark.


He likes to be with Rainbow Dash since both like racing and speed, he really enjoys changing the weather with her. He also likes to be with Fluttershy, she is the only one he trust enough to show his cutie mark. He also gets along with other ponies but don't have much friends. He moved and bought a house in Ponyville so he can be near the other ponies and make new friends.