Hi Hat

Hi-Hat, Pegasus

Hi-Hat is a fictitious Pegasus Pony, created by Whiplash96.


Hi-Hat is a bit shy, but he doesn't have any Problems with big audiences, which is good, because he's often playing the drums on stage.

Hi-Hat is easy to scare, and he is afraid of meeting new Ponies. He usually sticks to his friends, because he trusts in them.

He forgives others if they do something wrong, but you can go too far.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

Hi-Hat was always afraid of trying new things to earn his Cutie Mark. But when he first tried to play the drums at school, he forgot his fears.

When he met Black Fire as a teenager, they became best friends and often made Music together. Now he plays the drums in the Band "Dark Deception", together with Black Fire and two others.

His Cutie Mark shows two crossed Drumsticks.


Black Fire is Hi-Hats best friend, since they met as teenagers.

Although he's a pegasus, he doesn't spend much time in Cloudsdale and even lives in Ponyville. Twilight is a very good friend of him, because she's a calm unicorn.

Hi-Hat is a little scared of Rainbow Dash, because she always flies very fast, and often crashes into something/somepony, and he's afraid to be hit.