Kippa Klop, in a pretty normal pose for her.

Klippa Klop is an Earth Pony with a talent of mimicking things. Her name isn't related to her cutie mark (Two mirrors) or her flank color, but for the onomatopoeia of the sound of a horse's hooves (Clip-clop).


Klippa is very curious, but fun. Actually, this is the only part of her personality ever consistant--Every day, something will change, depending on who she's mimicking. Apparently, she's best at impersonating bossy know-it-alls, sarcastic ponies, and overly happy ponies, but always says she's working to be more diverse. She's extremely facinated with Unicorns and Pegasi, always a little jealous of what they can do, but knows Earth Ponies are important, too (I mean, you do the Winter Wrap-Up the Earth Pony way!). Apparently, she's also starting her own garden of Poison Joke, though whatever she wants it for (Or what it does to her, for that matter) is unknown.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

Despite trying to keep it rather unknown (And anyway, depending on who she wants to mimic that day, the story could change), her little brother Inkblot has happily told us the true story, so we'll tell you it as well.

In school, Klippa Klop was actually rather shy, while still curious and (At least attempting to be) fun. She wanted to be friends with a particular Unicorn who, despite being a bit of a know-it-all and a show-off, was very smart. After pretty much everything she tried failed at her being noticed, she decided copying was the biggest form of flattery, and began trying to mimic her personality to a T. Maybe then she'd be as smart as her! After the Unicorn finally noticed her and commented how good the impersonation was, she got her cutie mark.