Lightning Negative

Lightning Flash (negative)

As time went by, an evil force had spreaded into Ponyville. The excat day, Lightning Flash was visting...until she got possessed by that evil force.

On the right is Lightning Flash's Evil form. She, as in her evil form. defeated both Luna and Celestia, and started storms in every single area of Equestria.

Soon, Lightning Flash quickly had a flashback. She saw herself getting zapped, and stopped the lightning, crying. As her tears fell down onto her, she transformed back into Lightning Flash, and it is unknown if she will return.


Posedia - Posedia was the first of Lightning Flash's target. and she soon burnt down her house. When Lightning Flash turned back to her normal form, the house's parts grew back into the home it was before.

Black Fire - Black Fire was second on Lightning Flash's list. She knew that she had a connection with one of the elements, and she threatened to go as far as to kill Black Fire and Rarity so she could successfully finish her plan, and destroy Equestria and turn it into a land full of evil creatures.


Lightning Flash's mane turned from Red and Purple to Black and Lavender. This also happened with her tail.

Lightning Flash's eyes turned into a similar colour as one of the colour's on her tail. It is also known that Green inverted is Purple.

Overall, most of Lightning Flash was black, and the other half was purple.