Poseida is an original pony created by FlutterShy2000. For her love of water, she gets her name from Poseidon, King of the Sea in Greek Mythology.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

Poseida grew up in a village in the mountains near Ponyville. She was constantly teased by the other fillys for being a "blank flank". When she was twelve years old, her parents allowed her to leave home and journey far and wide for her cutie mark, bringing nothing but her mothers locket. She climbed down a path on the mountains that lead her to a beach. She planned on then traveling to Ponyville, but she was gave into temptation and jumped into the ocean. She had never even seen the sea before, and it felt amazing. She was then greeted by two dolphins, who lead her to some beautiful coral reefs underwater. That day, learned she had the ability to hold her breathe for a long time, and learned of her love for the ocean. As she emerged to the surface at the end of the day, she found a flower floating in the water, and put it in her hair. She then declared "Oh, how I love the ocean!", and just as the last word slipped from her lips, her cutie mark, a rainbow counch, appeared. She then moved to Ponyville where she could show it off with her new, true friends.


A huge strong point in Poseidas personality is defenitly her honesty. She can never tell a lie. If she ends up telling the smallest fib, she soon blurts out the truth just 20 secounds later. Shes great friends with AppleJack, who she often helps on her apple farm. She frowns on Raritys fuss with looking good, as she claims "Those who judge by looks end up making foolish mistakes in life". She also has good leadership, especially when climbing (as she grew up in the mountains), but as soon as a spider comes along, shes running for her life. She is also very secretive of her mothers locket, absolutely refusing to show anybody what it holds inside.


Poseida can't stand Rapunzel, becuase, as said above, she believes those who care too much about their looks will make many mistakes, as they will be blinded by the true beauty of life. Well, she makes one exception for Black Fire, who she has a secret crush on. She thinks hes charming, and makes music thats "magical".