Princess Dark Star is a villain character,she lives on the Farlands and is also the leader of the

Princess Dark Star


She has a huge hate for Princess Celestia because she was the one to ban her to the Farlands.

As a fillyEdit


Princess Dark Star as a filly

When Dark Star was young,she was a lonely filly,the only friend she had was Princess Celestia,when Princess Dark Star grew up,she turned on Celestia which caused her to get banned to the Farlands,a huge desert outside the boundries of Equestria.


Princess Dark Star is an alicorn,with a completely black coat,blue mane and tail,red eyes and with silver amulets on her legs.


As said before,Princess Dark Star is the leader of the Farlanders,

A normal Farlander

the Farlanders are a huge group of exiled alicorns that seek revenge against Princess Celestia.

Farlander AppearenceEdit

The Farlanders are all black and grey alicorns with the same kind of silver amulets as their leader,Princess Dark Star.