Princess Unova
Vital statistics
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Gender Female
Race Alicorn
Faction None
Health Weak
Level None
Status Deceased
Location None

Ghost Unova

The Story of Princess UnovaEdit

1,000 years ago, there lived a young unicorn named Unova. She was kind, generous, and caring. One day, she made the forest we all know of today, the everfree forest, by using her magic of

Young Princess Unova in the creation of the forest

nature. The ponies played in the forest, until one day, wild, dangerous creatures invaded the forest! The ponies panicked and ran when they came. 10 ponies died, the rest came out alive. The unicorn had to take action, before the creatures invade all of equestria! As soon as she saw them coming, she used her magic to stop them from coming into Ponyville! She cast a spell that can keep them away, and stay in her forest, permanantly. Princess Celestia was so impressed, she made Unova a princess!

The Death of Princess UnovaEdit

After 100 years, she had to be stopped, before she had too much power, so Celestia sang a song that can seal her permanantly in the forest. Soon, she became a ghost that roams around her forest.