Serena Seahooves


Punkheart is a pony who likes rock and roll music. She is in love with Caramel. She's sometimes a jerk, she always fight with Derpy, because she hates her. She's a genius, too.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

Punkheart, when she was a filly, she was always nice and nice and nice. But since she does not have her cutie mark, fillies with cutie marks laugh at her. She then becomes a jerk and she always scream at ponies who tease her. When she met Derpy, Derpy looks so stupid that she slapped her face. After these events, she earned her cutie mark.



Punkheart protects Crystal and Doctor Whooves from her by calling her 'stupid' and 'ugly'. Derpy then cries, flying away. Everypony then laughs at Derpy, Derpy was so ashamed that she slapped her butt.

Crystal SilvermistEdit

Punkheart was the BFF of Crystal, they played since fillies, they didn't scream at each other, just BFFS! They visit each other every now and then. She helped her with her home works, since she is smart.


She is nice to everypony except for Derpy, she was a good friend to others and not Derpy.