Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your mane!

Rapunzel is an original pony created by FlutterShy2000. She is named after Rapunzel, the Fairy Tale Princess.

Cutie Mark StoryEdit

Rapunzel was just a normal filly. She went to school in Ponyville, made friends, and cared a lot for her golden coat and mane. Until one day, a horrible tornado came to Ponyville, ripping trees and buildings out of the ground, lifting ponies up into the air and spinning them around and around. Rapunzel and her class were hiding in fear under theyre desks in the school building, but it provided little protection as the tornado crushed the school building, and lifted all of her classmates thousands of feet in the air. Thats when her golden locks began to glow, then they grew a tremoundous lentgh. Then they rose into the air, wrapped around the classmates and brought them down safetly. Golden sparkles from her mane twisted around the tornado, and it grew smaller and smaller untill it dissapeared and the sun shined again. As her classmates cheered, Rapunzels cutie mark, a hair brush with a heart on it, appeared as she realised she had a magical mane.