Time clock

Time Clock, is a time pony, as his name states. He was Celestia's and Luna's Mother and Fathers enemy, and he can change anypony from filly, to grown. After being imprisoned in his prison for 10 centuries, he escaped. He was imprisoned in a black cell, and Light Wishes somehow learnt his ability, and made him old enough for him so she could freeze Time Clock. He has Red eyes, a Dark Blue coat, Red/Black mane and tail, and is an alicorn after making him grown, and getting himself pegasus wings (He was originally an unicorn).

Time clock filly


As a unicorn, Time Clock was disrespected for not knowing many spells. He looked very different from his grown form. He attented Snow Storm's School For Unicorns, and he constantly failed at spells. One night he studied time, and learnt all about it. The book was called Curses And Horrible Spells but he misread it as Dresses And Horrible Smells which he thought was rather odd. He turned all of his School into fillys, and hurt them in many ways. He got his cutie mark.

Light Wishes and Moon DawnEdit

When Light Wishes and Moon Dawn found out about of Time Clock's misdoing, they sent the previous 6 elements of harmony to deal with him, but each one failed. Because of this, Moon Dawn and Light Wishes quickly set out to deal with him thereself. At first, Time Clock was eager to turn both into fillies and rule Equestria. But he realized how many spells they know, and he got turned to stone, in a black prison, for 10 centuries.

Escape Edit

After 10 centuries, he was released, and ready to get vengance. But he then found out both were already gone, and insisted on destroying the 2 things most important to them. Celestia and Luna. He intended to do the same thing to them, as the two did to him, turn them old, and turn them to stone, and imprison them. But however, Celestia and Luna called upon the Elements Of Harmony, only for Time Clock to try and turn them into fillies, but failed, they used the elements of harmony, only for it to fail. After this, they gathered every 6 ponies who were the original holders of the elements, storing him in the sun.